How to Enable Anti-Revoke Messages on GB WhatsApp?

Access GB WhatsApp Settings

To activate the anti-revoke feature, which allows you to see messages even after the sender has deleted them, you must first navigate to the settings menu of GB WhatsApp. Open the app and tap on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of the screen. This action will reveal a dropdown menu where you should select 'Settings'.

Navigate to Privacy Settings

Once inside the settings menu, proceed to 'Privacy'. This section contains various settings that control who can see your activity and how your messages are handled. Here, you will find a wealth of options tailored to enhance your messaging privacy and security.

Activate Anti-Revoke Feature

In the Privacy settings, look for the 'Anti-Revoke' option. This setting might be listed under a sub-menu related to message security or similar terms. By toggling this feature on, GB WhatsApp will prevent other users from retracting messages they have sent to you. Once enabled, this feature ensures that any message sent to your account remains visible, regardless of whether the sender decides to delete it.

Confirm and Test the Feature

After you have enabled the Anti-Revoke feature, it’s wise to confirm that it is functioning correctly. You can test this by asking a contact to send you a message and then delete it. If the message remains visible on your end, the Anti-Revoke feature is working as expected.

Stay Updated

Maintaining the latest version of GB WhatsApp is crucial for the proper functioning of features like Anti-Revoke. Developers often update the app to patch vulnerabilities and refine its features. Regular updates ensure that security measures like Anti-Revoke continue to function effectively against new threats and bugs.

By enabling the Anti-Revoke feature in GB WhatsApp, you protect yourself from missing out on important information, often deleted in the course of normal conversations. This function is particularly useful in various communication scenarios, ensuring you always have access to the full context of discussions. Remember, the key to leveraging GB WhatsApp's features to their fullest is staying informed about updates and settings adjustments.

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